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الرسالة (عربة النوم)


Studio of Her Own Gallery in the Litvinovsky Painter’s House, Jerusalem
Part of the dual-exhibition ״The Library״ with Moran Shub Robshub

Curated by Meital Manor
March - June 2022

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Installation View

Torpor, Inkjet print on archival paper and tape.
The Doll House, Inkjet print on archival paper and tape. 
Photography: Lena Gumon

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Research Materials and Appendix

"At Mittelweg 17, the stranded Hamburg Jews cherished the older, better German culture that had sustained them.

The Secretariat tried to keep localartists busy. Well-known actors read aloud from Rilke or Goethe, while pianists and violinists gave concerts in the first-floor library..." Continue Reading

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