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الرسالة (عربة النوم)


Warburg-Haus Library Hall; Hamburg 

Curated by Gil Cohen

October 2018

"The table in the middle of the oval library is set with scissors, glue, xeroxed pages and empty cards. It invites visitors to sit down and participate, guided by a stop-motion video, which correlates to a similar set of actions used by scholars in the Warburg Institute; sitting, sorting, cutting and gluing - creating archival cards. This participatory action brings to mind the mechanism of archival construction and its inseparability from emotional meaning. The repetitive act of cutting and pasting becomes an automaton, like an empty motion, although the content is historically and mythically charged..."

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Installation View

Installation views from the exhibition and performance event, that took place in »Lesesaal«, the oval reading room of the Warburg-Haus Heilwigstr. 116, 20249 Hamburg, Monday October 15th + Thursday October 18th, 2018


Curator: Gil Cohen  |  Coordinator: Benjamin Fellman  |  Organizer: Universität Hamburg and Aby-Warburg-Stiftung

Initial event of the Warburg-Haus on the occasion of Universität Hamburg’s centennial 2019.

Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg / Politische Emotionen / Universität Hamburg / Warburg-Haus

Photography Credit: UHH, RRZ/MCC, Mentz, Benjamin Braden and Dana Yoeli

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Deconstructed Collages

Each college is a photographed step in the deconstruction of the Farewell Album pages.

The Farewell Album from the family's summerhouse in Kösterberg, Hamburg, was prepared by my great-grandmother Anna Warburg in 1939 for her family, and was given to me by my grandmother Noni.

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Paper and Scissors

Stop motion animation video

06:46 min 

The narrated text is an alteration of text fragments from the English edition of Anna Warburg and Elsa Beskow`s book “My Rainy Day Book- a Handwork Book for Children” (1938, George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd) Inspired by Anna Warburg’s memory album of the Kösterberg, the historic family estate of the Warburg family in Blankenese, Hamburg (1938) Dedicated to my beloved grandmother Noni Shalmon-Warburg. 

At the centre of the work is a farewell album from the family's beloved summerhouse in Kösterberg, Hamburg, prepared by my great-grandmother Anna Warburg in 1939 for her family. The album was given to me by my grandmother Noni Warburg-Shalmon, the daughter of Anna Warburg, who was born in 1922 in Hamburg and lives today in Omer, Israel.

The album functions for me like a time capsule, or a ‘Madeleine Cookie’, it is unusually structured: the photographs are organized in a thematic and formalistic way and not chronologically. The built-in language that bears the responsibility of transmitting the family's heritage in the album was intended to be useful, but it feels almost imaginary from the desert in Israel.

The video has 7 chapters, relating to the themes of the album pages. It pretends to be an instructional video, with instructions hovering between practical and surreal. A woman's voice guides the audience in the first person and the rhythm or syllables of her voice slice the album pages.


Narrator: Sofia Berg-Böhm  |  Editor: David Shushan  |  Photo editor: Lena Gomon

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