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To Forget Beautiful Things

Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Curated by Yaniv Shapira


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בית הקיץ

The Summerhouse


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מראה הצבה

Installation View


Digital collage in acrylic-dibond with a wooden stand, paper cuts, a table with chairs, video projection and a print on half transparent fabric. Photography: Tal Nisim


המכתב (קרון שינה)

The Letter (Sleeper)

الرسالة (عربة النوم)

Video, 6 min 48 sec, looped, 2021


The raw material for the video work The Letter (Sleeper) is a letter written by Anita Warburg, a cousin of the artist's grandmother, upon her return to Hamburg for the first time since she left Germany following the Nazis’ rise to power. Hila Laviv intended to dramatize the letter, and to that end sorted the details mentioned in it into seven themes – cast, site, time, objects, comments, dining and wellness, audio, and regulations - and then classified each word in the letter accordingly. She proceeded to attach to each theme a matching image from the family's summer house. Thus, when a word related to time is mentioned, an image of the view will appear; when a word related to cast is mentioned, an image of the fireplace will appear, and so forth, according to the following key: 

Cast–Fireplace, Site–Staircase, Time–View, Objects–Table, Comments–Open-Air Amphitheater, Dining and Wellness–Pool, Audio–Lawn, Regulations–Roman Terrace


Narrator: Sofia Berg-Böhm  |  Video Editing: David Shushan  |  Site Photos: Dana Lev Levnat

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The project was produced with the support of 
The Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts
The Yehoshua Rabinovich Tel Aviv Foundation for the Arts

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